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Day 8 - Peto

This cake thing is possibly a mistake. But we are doing it anyway. We are up to day 2.. It's yummy so far.
for about $3 we got two cakes and a coffee this morning and ate the cake this evening after dinner. I was only going to have a little bit of my half. So I divided it and put the rest of mine in the fridge, opened the fridge and ate it all. Tova ate her half too.
The coffee is revolting.. but.. coffee..

We decided to arrive at Peto at 9am.. Instead of 8.30am. We were told it starts at 8.30am, but every time I get there at 8.30am I stand around for about 40mins doing nothing, with no one giving me any direction and a frustrated Tova not knowing what to do. I did ask the other day, but wasn't told anything. I was more shrugged off. So.. I give up and will just arrive at 9ish, it seems as though they have it together at 9ish. So. that's good.
On the way to 'Budapest School' we pass road works. But road works in Budapest is quite different to Australia. There is no barrier. We can touch the heavy machinery if we wanted to. We could get hit by flying rocks etc.. it's interesting. Tova hates the loud noise and cries while covering her ears. Cute.

Tova is doing well with food and drinking. And she has developed some good new fine motor skills. I wonder if we should stay for a couple more weeks.. hmmmmmmm

Maybe a conductor want's to come and live in Australia with us for a year or two.. hmmmmmm

Our days are filled with Therapy, work and food. We are enjoying ourselves.

Here is a story

It was about 9pm.. Someone was ringning on the door bell phone thingy. I ignored it. Then after the second time I said 'helllo?', they didn't speak English. So I spoke English and they spoke Hungarian.
I messaged my landlord (Marcelle - lovely guy who lives accross the road), he said he isn't home and his parents aren't home.. (they live in the flat next to me)...
So then it was quiet..
Then the people that were ringing the bell were wandering around the stair well, so somehow they got in. This was a bit noisy. Tova started fussing (She had been trying to fall asleep).
There was a knock on my door. I said "who is it".... No answer.. There is pretty much no way in the world I'm going to open the door to someone that isn't answering me.
I went and grabbed Tova from her room.
I thought, if it's the fire people there would be a firetruck out the front. or a police car. Tova and I looked out the front from the balcony.
The person at the door wasn't talking. I rang Marcelle.
He said he was 2 mins away. When he turned up I opened my door (I knew it was him coz when I rang him I could hear his phone ring in the stairwell.)
He said it was the police that had been trying to get in the building. Because the lady downstairs had called the police as someone broke into her flat - through the kitchen window. Aparently she is hard of hearing so she didn't hear to door bell, the neighbours aren't home, which meant that the police were bugging me to let them in.
I guess eventually the lady let them in and they came up to my flat to see why I didn't let them in.. lol..
So the lady downstairs was scared waiting for the police.. I was scared because there was so much noise.. and blah
Stupid robbers making problems

More cake

Tova eating Spaghetti.
Tova eating Spaghetti.

Road works
Road work

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