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Day 9 - Peto

We wandered up to Peto this morning, I haven't timed the walk, but it's probably about 10-15 mins.
We stood around for about 10-15mins until everyone was ready.. Then I went downstairs to work.
At snack time I went back up and sat with Tova for a while. It's fun watching her eat.
I went up again for lunch. The conductors had a meeting at 1ish, so Tova and I hung out together for a while. I took her to the cafeteria, she watched me eat soup. The people that work there were trying to give me a bowl of food for Tova, I had to try and explain that she had already eaten upstairs. Then I fell all self conscious that people were watching me eat and not letting my poor starving child eat. I would have shared it with her, but she wasn't interested. She enjoys watching people eat.
Tova went back to her class after that and that was pretty much our day.

We got cake and some fruit on the way home. I'm actually so full from helping Tova eat her lunch and snacks, and having my own lunch and dinner, I can't eat all my cake today. Anyway, it's not as good as yesterday. The cakes yesterday were amazing.

Us having our time together on the floor..
Floor selfies

hallway walking

Cake of the day
Cake, cake, cake

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