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Saturday - Budapest

Oct 31 2015:

It's our second weekend here, but first without jet lag.

It's so nice here!
I do love Europe, and Budapest, you are amazing! Do I really have to go home?

Yuval, come move here!

Today I did some work in the morning and then realised that .. omfg it's the weekend and most people don't work on weekends, I don't even remember the last time I didn't work on a weekend (other than flying here, which so doesn't count).. So.. I put the laptops away and took Tova out for the rest of the day. We went to the city.
Tova was absolutely delighted to be going on a bus. She was excited at the thought of seeing buskers.

We got the number 5 all the way to the city. We got off at some random stop and wandered around. Because I got a sim card the other day, I have GPS. This is fantastic.. But first we wandered along the river and Google Hangouts video chatted with Yuval, so he walked along the Danube.. I'm pretty sure this river goes all the way through Austria too.. Tova has seen this river in her symphony orchestra videos.

So we wandered along for a while with Aba, then let him go to bed because I think it was 100 oclock in Melbourne.
Then my gps got us lost for a while. I found our way and we made our way to the Grand Synagogue. Yep, it's grand! It's huge. It was so fantastic to be in the Jewish area. I felt comfortable.
Tova demanded food.. so we stopped at a restaurant near the shull and she had salad and potatoes.. omfg.. I've never seen Tova eat lettuce before. And cucumber. My eyes and brain can't believe what I'm seeing. I have to cut things up small, but not puree nor mash. craaaaazy.

Tova enjoyed walking around and was delighted that we had to go down and up stairs to cross a road. I wasn't so delighted as we had the pram. But people helped us. People are good here.. People are generally good everywhere.. but it's nice to know they are good here too.
I think it would be much more fun with our boys. Next year I hope they will come. We'll be coming back that's for sure.

We noticed a massive ferris wheel. Maybe we will do that tomorrow for the morning or arvo.. or next weekend.. I did see that there are tickets to go on a 1.5 hour cruise with a concert (classical music) along the river.. hmm.... I guess we should do something like that. It would thrill Tova.

Perhaps I was a touch lost when we decided to start walking back to the bus.. (Thankfully I had taken photos of the bus stop when we got off, and the surrounding area)... I managed to somehow stumble across a mall - The main mall - which had a tourist info box in it.. I showed them my photos and they pointed me in the right direction. It was amazing walking through the malls. There is food everywhere, people everywhere too. It's stunning, alive and interesting. So, we wandered off and managed to pretty much just walk straight onto our bus, which was about to leave. I felt very impressed with myself.

Budapest Buildings
Buildings in Budapest

Me and Cat
This guy hangs around our flat. He's so cute.. I couldn't help myself, I had to pat him.

Tova loved these guys. I couldn't look at half of it, they were spinning in their heads and everything.

Pretty Shull
Budapest Grand Shull

Memorial at the shull
memorial at the shull budapest

I've no idea
Ummmm. what the... ?

Sunday - Budapest
Day 5 - Peto