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Sunday - Budapest

1st Nov 2015:

We slept in, and took it easy for the morning. We hand lunch and then went to the river as I wanted to do something special for Tova.. the boat cruise with the musicians.. Hmm. So we got to the ticket booking office and they said that the cruise in the day time didn't have music, it had lunch. The night cruise has the musicians. Tova told me she would like to go on the boat anyway.. so I got tickets. It's just a one and a half hour cruise, so I figured Tova could handle that with out getting too bored.

We got on the boat and were given sparkling wine and orange juice. I had the wine obviously.. Tova even let me sit down for a few moments to have a couple of sips. But anyway, I was too trigger happy with my camera to really care much about the drink.

Tova did well. Especially each time we went under a bridge. And actually for the first 50 mins or so, she was great, watching the buildings go past etc.. but she did end up getting bored and wanting to climb walls. Thank goodness for youtube and hoopla doopla. She watched an episode and then was ok again for the last bit.

We walked towards the white bridge, where I know my bus leaves from and made it just as the bus was pulling up again.. we seem to have a knack for that.. We got on and someone said "OH HI SHOSHANA".. haha. It didn't even seem strange. But thinking about it now, it really is. So it was Eszter, the lady that lives in the flat next to where Tova and I are staying, and actually she owns our flat. She was in the city checking up on one of her other flats that she rents out to tourists via AirBNB.
We sat with her and chatted. It was nice to not worry about where to get off the bus (even though I've got it figured out now'). We walked back together and that was that. So nice.

Amazing building budapest

I woke to this lovely view
My view when I woke

Lunch on the balcony
Balcony Lunch.

Under a bridge Danube
Under the bridge

Pretty sun
Pretty sun

My Budapest bff
Budapest bff

Day 6 - Peto
Saturday - Budapest