Day 11 - Peto

Tova was sad this morning. I think she's home sick. She took ages to go to sleep last night and slept in. At least she slept in.
It's Monday night now, about 8pm. She's been fussing in her room for the past 20 - 30 mins. But I'm not interested. I know she's tired. She gets tired at Peto from working hard. But for some reason she can't relax in her room. It's warm in there, it's cozy in there and there is sleepy time music. I don't know.... It's stressful.
I was working in the computer lab as usual for the day. Apparently Tova was a good girl for most of her day in her 'class'. She showed me a few tricks at the end of the day when I went to get her.
We got cake on the way to school this morning and ate most of it this afternoon at home. I'm actually almost over it. I'm feeling a bit gross.
I was in the shops today and asked someone if they could tell me what 'that says', pointing at a word on a packet of food. The lady replied in an Australian accent 'hmmmmm. not sure'. Of course I ask the only other Australian I've seen in 2 weeks... clever.. she'd just got off the plane and is only here for a few days. Competing in a bodybuilding contest. Even though she is the tiniest person I've ever seen.

Tova is being an arse hole. I'm going to see what she wants. She's banging on the door.

She had her arm stuck in her shirt.. fixed.. put back to bed and ignored.

I'm pretty sure my soup was tomato soup today, with alphabet noodles... funny.

cabbage juice... no thanks.. I did buy the beetroot one out of curiosity though..
cabbage juice... no thanks.. I did buy the beetroot one out of curiosity though..

Another Sunday in Budapest

My house in Budapest
My hidden treasure chest
Golden grand piano
My beautiful Castillo

I've had this in my head all day, why should I be the only one? Enjoy!

Yooouooo, youuuu....

We didn't do really anything much today. We stayed in the flat for most of the day. I took Tova to the park at one stage. I realised it was an amazing day when I opened all the windows and felt a warm breeze.. wtf.. It was like a summers day. At leat it was for the afternoon.

We also had a chat to our neighbour (the owner of the flat's mum), she had made some cake and gave some to Tova and I. I accidentally dropped half of it on the floor, in front of her..... well done me! The rest we ate.. YUM! For real apple cake, no sugar.. so delicious! The apples she has been collecting in the stair well. Her friend has apple trees.

Ooh, you
Ooh, I'd leave it all........ (you're welcome!)

I was feeling a bit home sick today. It's a stupid feeling.

Last night Tova wouldn't go to sleep. She has also discovered the light switch in her room and is having fun turning it on at bed time. I gave up putting her back to bed after the 100th time and left her door open. She ended up in my bed watching vampire diaries etc until about 11.30pm, when FINALY she fell the fu#k to sleep. Ffs.
It's Sunday night at about 8.30pm now. She's been in her room for about 40 mins. I thought she'd be so tired after not sleeping much last night. But oh no... I can still hear her fussing. Perhaps she has an issue now about sleeping in a room with the light on.. well.. if she knows how to turn it on, she can bloody turn it off too.. She usually sleeps so well at home. Here she's been having trouble. I wonder why. And she gets tired at Budapest school. I might have a chat to them about it. I guess she could be a bit home sick too.. but.. hmmm

Apple Cake - so yum!
Apple Cake - so yum!

Tova rock climbing in Budapest
Tova rock climbing in Budapest

Another Budapest Saturday

After taking it easy in the morning Tova and I had breakfast and relaxed a bit. Then I did some housework, in Budapest... odd.. it felt odd.
After being all domestic we went out and about. We didn't go far. Just down the road a bit to the train that goes up the hill.
We stood in line for quite a while and then got on the trainy thingy that goes up the hill. Tova liked it lots, which was nice to see. The second we got to the top and walked out the doors there were two buskers.. one playing the violin and one the guitar. I said out loud "my work here is done!". This would have made Tova's day complete. We actually didn't need to do anything else. And every time I suggested we go look around the magic fairy tale land we had just landed in, she said 'NO'.
They took a break which allowed me to move on.. We didn't get far, because there was what I assume is the changing of the guard outside some official building (wow, I'm so ignorant about this place). The solders were playing drums and marching.. One of Tova's favourite things to watch is the Military tattoo... so.. that went down well.

It was as though it was all planned.. just for Tova.
We walked around on the cobbled streets which was funny for Tova in the pram. Bumpity bump... We walked past things like turrets. And found ourselves in the Museum. I'm not sure why, but they let us in for free. Maybe it's free.. Maybe not.. who knows.. but it was great. We left the pram downstairs and Tova walked up the stairs holding my hand. A few other tourists were admiring how clever Tova is. Nice. and true...
We looked at a few things, Tova loved the touch screen Tv's and found a room about the orchestra, much to her delight.

Tova wanted to go find the violin and guitar players again. So we walked off. First we went exploring a little and ended up at a stunning church. The people at the door said it wasn't open for the public (they said that to the person in front of me). I asked if they ever had any orchestra or performances in there. She said that currently at that very moment, there was a choir practice about to start. I asked if we could go in and watch. She said "Yes". Lucky. So we went in and sat next to some older ladies in a pew. We waited and then watched the singing for a while. Tova asked to leave after about 20 - 30 mins, she was confused why no one was clapping. Maybe people don't clap in church. She was also disappointed that there was no piano.
The inside of the building was stunning. Everything is so detailed.

Outside had started to rain a tiny, tiny bit. But it made me worry that we'd get all wet. If it hadn't started to rain I imagine we'd have wandered around for ages more, we passed a market even. It looked cool.. But we went back down the trainy thingy on the hill and got the busses home.

Getting a bus in Budapest with a pram/wheelchair is a challenge. I've been caught in the closing doors twice. Once I didn't even make it out, they slammed in my face. The other time I got squashed but pushed my way out. You have to be FAAASTTT.. Which is tricky with a Tova. Oh well.. I also find it a big challenge to get a ticket. It's impossible to find anywhere that sells tickets, but you can get them from the driver, if the bus isn't full, which it always is. And if it isn't, it's so hard because they drive off so fast.. and I have a Tova.. So. it's a bit overwhelming.

It was a good day, thanks to the music. It made a Tova happy.

Fiddlers on the roof
Fiddlers on the roof




Coat of arms?
So beautiful

Being delighted
Tova being delighted in Budapest

Day 10 - Peto

Yay it's Friday!

Tova is happy it's the weekend, mostly because it means she can go see an orchestra - I'd better find one.

Tova had another good day at Peto. I really, really like the Conductors. They are all lovely! And they are amazing with kids. There is something very special about these people.
I also love the European way - the strength of character! They are inspiring.
It's also interesting how they make things Tova can do, harder so she is challenged. In Australia, much of the time, things are made easier, so that she is able to do more, but with more assistance. I'm not really into that. It has it's place, but I do like Tova moving forward and improving in all aspects of herself. It's hard to explain. I guess Australia like equipment and I like Tova to use her body.

I went and got my soup for lunch and took it up to the room to eat with Tova upstairs. That was nice. She had a MASSIVE bowl of rice with fish fingers cut up fine.

The Deaf people that work at Peto visited me today. I opened the Hungarian Sign Dictionary on my computer, that was fun. It helped me explain why I was sitting in the computer room with 2 laptops and an ipad.

Tova went to the big kids/adults room for the afternoon. She likes it in there. She met with a new conductor, a male and she wouldn't let anyone else hang out with her apparently. Then when I turned up to pick her up, she told me to go away because she was busy with the conductor playing. SO CUTE! So fantastic. I'm going to try and convince him to move to Australia.

Ok so the cake update. We went to the shops after Budapest school and got some snacks including a strange local thingy. I'm not sure what it's called. I'll look at the name next time I'm up there. But see the pic. It tastes pretty much exctly how I expeted it to taste.
I also got a beer (It costs about 90cents for a beer here).. we are going to party it up tonight Tova and I.

The doggy and family are going home this weekend, back to Ireland. They showed me the doggy passport. For real passport. So cool. Such a beautiful dog.

I'm pretty sure that Budpaest is one of my most favorite places in the world. I don't usually feel like this about places I visit. But here. well.. .. . I could stay! And be happy.

Doggy Passport
Dog passport

Budapest beer

Scrolly Thing

Day 9 - Peto

We wandered up to Peto this morning, I haven't timed the walk, but it's probably about 10-15 mins.
We stood around for about 10-15mins until everyone was ready.. Then I went downstairs to work.
At snack time I went back up and sat with Tova for a while. It's fun watching her eat.
I went up again for lunch. The conductors had a meeting at 1ish, so Tova and I hung out together for a while. I took her to the cafeteria, she watched me eat soup. The people that work there were trying to give me a bowl of food for Tova, I had to try and explain that she had already eaten upstairs. Then I fell all self conscious that people were watching me eat and not letting my poor starving child eat. I would have shared it with her, but she wasn't interested. She enjoys watching people eat.
Tova went back to her class after that and that was pretty much our day.

We got cake and some fruit on the way home. I'm actually so full from helping Tova eat her lunch and snacks, and having my own lunch and dinner, I can't eat all my cake today. Anyway, it's not as good as yesterday. The cakes yesterday were amazing.

Us having our time together on the floor..
Floor selfies

hallway walking

Cake of the day
Cake, cake, cake