Snuggly Sunday

Tova and I rugged up today. We had a nice lazy morning, Yuval read Tova some books (Google Talk) and sang songs with her for a while.
Then we went on bus 5 to the City. I didn't really have any plans.. Tova wanted to go on a train and have cake.. so that was our agenda for the day. We didn't do either. Instead we went to the city and our feet took us to the shull. In the rain. Tova stayed nice and dry under snuggly clothes and a plastic pram protector. I stayed warm and mostly dry too. Which is one up on yesterday.

The Shull is beautiful, Yuval would like the mosaic floors. Tova was annoyed there wasn't a concert on. I think she is of the opinion that if it's a beautiful old building there will be a performance of some kind.. We had a quick look around in there. It's very tricky with a pram/wheelchair. I'm glad we went there.

Then we wandered off to find lunch. It took ages. Tova was getting upset. I went into one place that were charging 9700 hufs for brunch.. but we didn't want buffet/brunch. BUT there was a piano player with a chellothingy player, so it was very hard to convince Tova that we weren't going to eat there. She cried when we left.
We ended up at what looked like some little dingy restaurant, but when the menu came out it was all expensive fine dining. However, there was no turning back now. I had a starving Tova. So we got her some food, she complained lots that they should hurry up. lol.. hmm...
After eating we wandered slowly back to the bus and home. It was kinda a nothing day. And no cake and no train. I'm not really sure where the trains actually go. They are all underground and that's all I know.

I wanted to get Nissim a present today. But seriously there isn't anything. A magnet that says Budapest? REAL fur hats, NO THANK YOU! um... wooden objects that I can't take back on the plane coz of customs and that's about it really. There isn't anything special that we can't get at home.. Except for the food.. but I can't take food back. So.. I think he will just have to come here next time and eat.

It was a cold rainy day in Budapest, but we stayed warm and dry. It's so beautiful here, even the rain is beautiful here. It's such a fairy wonder land.

Bus stop 5 in the city
Bus stop 5 in Budapest

Budapest synagogue
Shull budapest

Budapest Shull

Tova at shull budapest
Tova at shull budapest

Mosaic Floor at the Budapest Synagogue
Mosaic Floor at the Budapest Synagogue

That's pretty
That's pretty

budapest shull

Jewish Memorial Budapest
Jewish Memorial Budapest

A cold Saturday in Budapest

Love to all my family in Paris.... All are accounted for, even the ones who were at the game are safe.. thank god. Thanks for letting me know mum.

I'm also happy that all my family in Israel are safe after daily terroist attacks..I'm not sure if they are reported in mainstream media, because I don't read/watch/follow mainstream media.

After I checked the travel warnings about 10 times this morning Tova and I went out to Budapest city.
I know my way around a bit now, that feels nice.
We got on our two busses. One stops near the trainy thing that goes up the hill, Tova reaaaaly wanted to do that again.. But I didn't, so, coz I'm the boss sometimes we didn't. Instead we walked across the chain bridge because mum said she did that heaps when she was here. We wanted to be like her and Grandpa.

The next mission was to see the Shoes. It was so windy walking up the side of the Danube that we had to stop and face away from the sand storm at times. It was freezing wind too. Poor Tova with her low tone in her mouth, she probably ate some. It for sure was in our eyes.
We spend some powerful time at the shoes. Thinking of the poor people that were shot into the Danube not so long ago, simply for being Jewish. I was thinking 'stuff you Hitler, here I am, a Jew, with my Jewish daughter...'
Tova and I sat there for a while. There were quite a few people there taking photos and lots of tour groups. I was surprised actually. The Jewishness of Budapest is a big tourist draw card. It's great.

After that we walked towards the Ferris Wheel, because actually, that was the point of the day. Tova wanted to go on a Ferris Wheel.
We walked past a big church and Tova wanted to go in.. So we went in.
Next stop lunch.. Traditional Hungarian Goulash. It was funny eating it with Tova because when I was pregnant with her I couldn't even hear the word goulash without wanting to vomit from morning sickness.. And avocados.. omg..We also had pickled red cabbage in a picked red capsicum, Tova liked it to my surprise. And she likes Tomato now.. cut up small.. how cute! You won't believe it Yuvie..

After lunch I had an salon appointment, which was right near where we had eaten lunch (by chance) and it was an adventure to find the place. I have a great video of us using the elevator.. I'll add it..

Then the ferris wheel. OMFG, SO NOT MY THING! What happened to me? I'm not sure when it happened but I feel like I've all of a sudden (but it could have been slowly) developed a fear of small spaces and heights.. oh and swinging back and forth in a small space, up high.. and everything else involved with that. My stomach went into knots.. But.. Tova wanted to go on.. so we got a ticket.
We got in and Tova asked to get out.. ooooh, it was so tempting.. but I said 'no, we should give it a go'. I did however ask how I can get off after the first twirl, if that's what I wanted to do. They showed me a 'red button'.. right..
We made it around our allocated 3 times. Tova did look a bit scared.. she was brave though.

We were going for cake after that, but that never happened. We walked around the amazing malls that have stalls and lights, and food, and people, and smells, and freezing cold..... It was great.
There was stage set up with a performance of some kind, 100% in Hungarian. I didn't understand a word. Tova LOVED it. She made us stand there for a good 40 mins watching and listening. I was freezing, I wasn't as rugged up as her especially after I'd donated her my jumper as a blankie. It was worth it to see the delight on her face. AND HEY>> BUDAPEST..... Where are your buskers? It seems like the type of place that would have buskers, but they just don't seem to be around. Maybe it's too cold? We haven't looked in the metro, maybe they are all underground?

Then home via the supermarket coz everything is closed tomorrow.

Oh yeh, thanks for Lunch UV.. you paid.. ;-)

Shoes Danube
Shoes Danube

Front of church
Front of church


Sziget - budapest
Sziget - budapest

Scary ferris wheel
scary ferris wheel budapest


Budapest mally thingy
Budapest mally thingy


Day 15 - Peto

No photos today. I hung out in Tova's class room all day (at the desk working). I didn't want to be alone, again... My work is quite stressful and I just need the happy sounds around me. My cute little Tova. It was nice to hear her and be close to her all day.

So.. one more week to go. It will be nice to be home. I do want to stay here at the same time. But there are only a few more weeks of school till summer holidays and more Conductive Ed in Adelaide.
Not to mention that I miss my boys. Lots.

Tova and I are going to have FUN this weekend. I'm so in the need for a break.. And so is she! I'd love to find more buskers for her to watch. Hopefully magic will happen like last Saturday.
I think Tova want's to go on a train. So perhaps we'll do that at some stage. Not sure where to yet. Some where beautiful, which isn't hard, because we are in magic fairy land!

Oh yeh. Today I got my soup AND got the main meal as a take away (they provide take away containers).. So I didn't have to cook tonight. AND it's only about $4 for a massive meal that we can share. I imagine that next week I'll do that every single day. Pff, why shop? WHY COOK?! This is amazing. I'm glad I discovered this.

Day 14 - Peto

Tova is doing well. I sat in the class room (away from Tova so she couldn't see me) for most of the day. I was set up with my computers working, but I just needed happy people around me. I couldn't sit in the computer lab today. I'm too stressed by the work I'm doing and needed the positive and loving energy of the people in Peto and hearing Tova's voice every now and then, it helped keep my spirits up.

Tova is doing great with her eating skills and excellent with her drinking skills. I'm impressed with her. She's a little princess.
I did manage to leave my power cords at Peto today so had to run back up there this afternoon to get them so I can spend my night working. yay. Anyway, it's good exercise.
It was another short sleeves day today. Apparently it's usually snowing at this time of year.. I'm glad it's not.
My friend in Australia had a kidney transplant today. I hope all went well. He's about 9 years old. His dad donated a Kidney to someone in Sydney that donated one back to the 9 year old. AMAZING. I'm looking forward to hearing how it all went.

Tova is very ready for the weekend. I love that she is excited about weekends.

Day 13 - Peto

Time goes fast.. I feel like we have been here for ages, but not long enough. I can't believe we are half way through this week.

Budapest was a stunning, sunny and warm city today. I've spent the entire day in a tshirt/ short sleeves. It's great. The windows and doors were open at Peto too, so lovely breathing fresh air. I'm happy Tova got to experience air for her day. There is a massive balcony outside of the room she is in.
Tova had a good day today. There are currently only 3 kids, and that is for the morning, in the afternoon, it was just Tova. Tomorrow though, there are a few newbies (but have been here before) coming. So it will be busier.

I sat with Tova while she ate her lunch today, she skyped with Aba for a little bit while she was eating. I'm sure he liked seeing her. She loved seeing him.
After lunch I went and got my soup and brought it up to the class room. I then moved all my computing gear in there and sat in the room (out of view from Tova) and did my work for the arvo. It was nice listening to everything that was going on with Tova. I'm still not sure how they maintain thier energy with kids all day. I can't think of many things I'd like to do less. I'm sure they probably feel the same about spending the day doing computer code.

It was so warm this morning.
No jackets walking to Peto this morning

Walking home this arvo
Walking home this afternoon.. lovely and warm Budapest