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Day Two

This morning I got up to my alarm at about 7ish. Yuval messaged me good morning. He really wanted to talk to Tova, but she was still sleeping. After a while I put the Ipad on Skype with the volume set to low, in the cot/crib/porta-cot with Tova. Yuval woke her and both their reactions were priceless. They are so in love. They did lots of songs together and were both lovely!

Then, breakfast, dressed and organised for the first part of the day. I passed her over to the therapists and ran away as fast as I could!

One of the other mums invited me to join her and her hubby to the shops in Picton. So, even though I have a mountain of work to do, I took them up on the offer as I need some food for my little Tova. I'm not really comfortable buying non free range chicken, but I feel that Tova needs some flavour so got some.. I did find some free range eggs thank goodness.. I think they were only $3 too for 12. So that is a bonus. The supermarket is very similar to ours but I don't recognise brands so it was a bit frustrating yet very entertaining at the same time. As I was going to the check out I realised that I had forgotten the pin number to the travel master card.... *sigh*.. ooops. So had to use an Aussie credit card..

Back to the camp to do some work for a few hours then Lunch with the kids. Tova was happy enough, so I guess she had a good morning in her class. The therapists said that Tova was upset a few times because she wanted to do her own thing and wans't allowed. That is fine and to be expected. The other kids were all happy and waiting for their parents and lunch. Tova is the smallest, eats the most and finishes before the other kids. Tova is the only one that doesn't chew. A few of the other kids need some form of help eating but really are very capable eaters of regular food. Come on Tova!!!

In the hyperbaric chamber at 2pm Tova was watching one of the other children eating one of those fruit roll up type things, Tova was fascinated. So hopefully she will continue to watch and eventually TRY some solid food, any food, I don't even care if she wants to live of maccas or chocolate. .. The chamber was boring and frustrating for Tova, but towards the end she started to play with a blocks type toy with her friend Little Miss K. I hope that behaviour continues. It is so nice to see them play so well together and Tova to play without me or another adult assisting her.

We went outside to play on the swings after that. It was nice to have some fresh air. Especially for Tova whom is on something like day 3 of no outside.. for no reason, just that she is so busy in here.

I made Tova a yummy dinner, then bath and bed. Not much to say really. She is tired. She is doing great.

This ability camp is for adults too. So there are a few adults wandering around and we all share the kitchen, which means we all get to talk. Everyone is lovely. There are people here for all sorts of brain injuries. It isn't really my business to talk about their stories, but wow, some people are amazing. And they aren't amazing for any out of this world reason, they are just amazing because they are and probably don't even know it. This entire camp is exceptional. The owner started it when his daughter was involved in this type of therapy growing up with CP, she is now married and has a new baby. The owner is generous and kind. I am quite overwhelmed by the kindness of the people here.
There are two dads here for the first week, then they go back home for work until the last week. They are both very helpful, not only with their own families, but with everyone. Today one of them did all the dishes for everyone and tidied up the entire massive kitchen. He is such a great guy, and their son is adorable, always happy and smiling and just a big bundle of cute.

ability camp canada

ability camp canada

Day Three
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