The sun vanished, the cold and rain came. Great.

Tova has had a great week at FF. She is happy, they are happy, I am happy.

We were going to the beach each day after class, but then it got cold. I feel like I’m in winter. It’s just horrible. Summer hasn’t really kicked in this year. Such a shame.

Today Tova and I went to the movies at Marion. We watched ‘Annie’, the re-make. It was really fun, perhaps a bit long, but we had nothing better to do.

We had lunch and then cake in Marion, it is a very expensive place to eat.

On the drive home Tova spotted the big pool with the massive water slides and requested that we go there. Gawd.. It looks scary to me. Perhaps I’ll get brave tomorrow or next weekend.. We shall see.

Other than that, we have pretty much just spent our time on Google plus video chat with the boys and eating.

Rain again tomorrow. Perhaps we will go to the city and have a look at city market, or ummm, I’ll google something to do, there doesn’t seem much to do indoors that doesn’t involve shopping.

Sunday 11 Jan 2015

It's sunday today, the day wasn't so sunny so the beach wasn't in play. I asked Tova what she wanted to do today, she signed that she wanted to go to the city. So we did. I thought it would be nice to check out the central market, but of course, after spending ages finding parking, it was closed. So we walked to the mall and had lunch. Sushi of course. Tova was asking me about the ballet and the city today, heaps, I think she thinks that going to the city means going to see the balet, because we often do that in Melbourne. CUTE.

After lunch and walking for ever to get back to the car we went to the supermarket and then back 'home'. The sun came out, sort of, well it was reasonably hot. So we went to the beach for a while.. YAY!

Tova at West Beach Adelaide..