Day Thirteen

Saturday. Nothing much day. Two Hyperbaric sessions. First one we watched hockey. Tova liked it and watch it almost the entire time. I didn't watch but suffered through the terrible music.. mostly because of the audio/speakers in there are not fantastic. The second session I suffered through the same wiggles episode. Gawd. Tova loved the wiggles.

I worked most of the day letting Tova watch a heap too much tv and ipad. We went for a bike ride and played out side on the swings n stuff to break it up a bit through out the day. And it is a beautiful day. Lovely and warm. It is nice in my room looking out the window at the blue sky and little sparrows fluttering around.

Things I would love to have here: Husband, son and a car! Or to not need to be here at all! I'm busy, Tova is busy, so we aren't homesick.. but home is where we would rather be. Everything is so much easier at home. Tova better start walking, talking and or eating soon to make being across the world worth while. Although I must say it is a beautiful part of the world with beautiful people.

Oh and yesterday I found ryvitas in the supermarket and they are better than at home!

Tova ate well today. So, not sure why she didn't want dinner last night. Don't care... I never thought I would say that.. I love how relaxed eating has become.. well, at least I love being relaxed about Tova not eating..

Now it is almost bath time for Tova, then books and bed. we are sitting in our room listening to stilux first..

I was warned that weekends sucked here.. Yes.. they absolutely do!

---OMG- I just heard a Coyote howling.. (yes, it could have been a dog.. but there are no neighbours around here, so I am going with Coyote)... cool!

ice hockey
canada sport

Day Twelve

I went to Picton (the closest town) today for about an hour while Tova was in class. I went to the local op shop to see if there were any Wiggles Dvds as we are going a bit insane in the hyperbaric chamber with the kids requesting Wiggles every time and there being only one Wiggles dvd in the centre.

I did find a Wiggles VHS, but when I opened the cover, it was something else. So... I guess we suffer tomorrow as we have two chamber sessions each day over the weekend.. quack quack quack, cock a doodle doo... la la la...

Tova asked to go outside to play on the play equipment after hyperbarics today. So we did that. I didn't feel like bike riding as I have a mountain of work to do.

Tova didn't eat much dinner tonight (FRESH SALMON!! YUM!).. So hopefully it is just one of those things and she isn't getting sick. It is unusual for Tova not to eat.  She seems well and most definitely happy.

Nissim and Tova skyped this evening. They are both so happy to see each other.

I'm not sure what we are going to do over the weekend. I really have to work, but also have to ensure that Tova has an active and good day. I need Yuval or Taylah here. I was imagining Taylah here today. It would be fantastic if she was here. If we come back again (which I hope we do) I most certainly am going to save up to bring Taylah next time.. if she want's to come of course.

Tova has been going to sleep late the past two nights. I'm not sure what is up with that. I think her little portacot is a bit uncomfortable for her as she is probably a bit big for it.. and it isn't very soft. So when I let her fall asleep in my bed she gets all excited and it probably feels strange to her too. I can't sleep with her as she moves way too much during the night and takes the entire bed, so I put her back in her cot when I go to bed.

Picton Canada

Day Eleven

What is going on? How is time going this fast? Friday tomorrow already. Crazy.

Tova and I went for a bike ride to the lake down the dirt track road today. There were so many bugs (little flys) that we only stayed there for about 2 mins. It is stunning down there, the water is crystal clear.
Today was warm. 20something..

I think Tova is getting stronger already. It is hard to say. But I have noticed her walking better in her 'round the wrong way' walking frame.

At the moment it is about 9.30pm. Tova is still awake. This is very unusual for her. I hope it is just one of those things. She is a bit sad but doesn't want to be held. So, she is in her little bed trying to sleep. She is so cute..

We skyped Yuval in the morning. Nissim was at my mums. Tova asks to Skype Nissim sometimes, lovely. I love that they are friends.

Tova looking at Lake Ontario
Lake Ontario and Tova

Day Ten

Yep, today was again very similar. The difference being that it was warm outside (20 something) and someone spotted a bear up the road today.

After class, lunch and hyperbaric today Tova and I went for a bike ride - see pic below.

Oh, at lunch today Tova started feeding herself. She did it perfectly! So, I am going to encourage that. I tried not to make a big fus, as eating is normal not something to celebrate.. It was hard.. I was so proud!

The teachers commented about Tova in general having 'so much potential'. So there is that.

Walk unaided Tova! She wants to.

I'm happy that the sun has started to shine.

Some of the other mums and I were going to go for a jog this evening, but we are all afraid of the bear. So we stayed in.

A visiting family delivered this coffee to us all today.. umm.. omg....

coffee death bag goon

Day Nine

Last night Tova was having troubles falling asleep. She ended up sharing my bed with me. Which means I didn't get much sleep. She is horrible to sleep with. It is such a lovely idea, but she moves so much and takes up so much of the bed.

This morning Tova went to class and I worked. I ended up going for a jog to the Lake and back. I put my hand in the water. It is strange to think that it is the same lake that feeds into Niagra falls so many k's away.

One of the adults finished her program here and has gone home. I think there are about 12 of us here now. Half parents. Something like that.

In the Hyperbaric chamber Tova was a bit sad and asked to be finished the second the hood went on. She was fine once the Wiggles was put on. There is only one Wiggles movie here, so I will have to do something about that or we will all go insane in there listening/watching the same one for the next 4 weeks.

Tonight I cooked food for the next 2 days. I have been doing that, cooking in the evening - enough to last for two days. The kitchen here is old and not much bench space, so it is easier to cook once everyone is finished in there.

We skyped the boys this evening, which is their morning. Tova was asking to Skype Nissim earlier today, so she was happy when they came online. We have seen the boys almost every day, even Zev and Bosun (cats) have skyped.