Day Eight

Today was back to class. Tova is learning to Walk, Talk, Eat and other educational things such as Left and Right. She loves it.

Tova is an expert walker in her walking frame. The second we got here she was put in the same frame that she uses at home, but round the other way. She was confused about this at first, but it didn't take long for her to understand.

It is harder to walk with the walker around the other way, but better for their posture and the philosophy here is if the kids get good at something, make it harder.. So that is exactly what happened. The next step is using quad stick or what ever they are called. I just call them sticks. That would be so cool!

Tova had a good day in there I think. I don't know really as I run as fast as I can the other way when she enters the room at 8.30am. I have so much work to do.

Today Tova didn't go into the Hyper chamber with the kids as there are a few coughs in there. We went in the next session with the adults. They had to watch the Wiggles. It was fun. They are all so lovely to Tova. It was great to see that Tova was the boss of the TV. Very cute.

It has been cold and raining all day. So no exercise for me. I feel disgusting. But I will try and embrace this time doing nothing.. somehow. I do exercise when I get out of bed and walk to the kitchen.. and chewing exercises my jaw.. *sigh*.

The main thing is Tova is happy.

Ability Camp Bikes
Ability Camp Bikes

Day Seven

Sunday. Not quite a lazy Sunday, but close enough.

Two hyperbaric sessions, the second one with the Wiggles playing..... Tova was mesmerised. It was the first time she paid attention to the tv in there (not that it is actually in the chamber, it is on the outside of one of the windows). It was good, easy.

After the first session this morning Tova and I found a bike with a child thingy on the back. I can't remember what they are called, but it has wheels and the child gets to sit inside a comfy carriage. So we went for a ride. It was great fun. This area is rural lots of vineyards, trees and fields. There are loads of Eagles flying around, they are so big and beautiful. It is a warmish day, the sun is shining and everything is sweet. Except for this crazy ginger beer I am drinking, it isn't sweet at all, it is so gingery. Yum.. But I have to drink it slowly as it almost burns me. Canadians must be tough.

One of the dads left yesterday and the other today. It is mostly women and kids here now.

I am missing my boys and how helpful they are. Nissim would be the ring leader if he was here. He is such a little dude. And I miss how much Yuval cooks. I hate cooking so much. The other day I cooked two days worth of meals just so I wouldn't have to cook over the weekend.

Week one done. If all the weeks go this fast it is going to fly by.

hyperbaric o2

Day Six

Today we slept in a bit, had breakfast and went to the chamber at 9am.

Tova and I did laundry and she rode around the building on a bike (inside the building). I am not sure how that filled in the morning but it did. Then lunch.

After lunch one of the other mums offered to take Tova into the chamber so that I would get a break. Her fiance is here (leaving tomorrow) so he went in with their son. I said YES before she had a chance to finishing asking me.. I left the final decision up to Tova, she was more than happy to go in without me. I felt very comfortable about it all, perhaps a little nervous about the start when the pressure changes in there and ears can hurt. But I was watching through the window for those first minutes and Tova was as happy as can be (being read to) and the mum looking after her was fantastic, offering Tova drinks and telling her to suck her thumb.. Then I went off for the hour (which went so very fast).

Tova and I went for a walk and play in the play equipment out the back during the afternoon.

Not much else happened.

Tova and I skyped Yuval and Nissim after dinner (their breakfast). That was fun. Tova loved it. Nissim loved it. Nissim loves entertaining her.

Tomorrow two hyper chambers again.. Then week one done!

hyperbaric o2 canada

I took this photo from outside looking in just before their session finished. It was nice to not have to go in twice today.

Tova doing Hbot
Hbot in Canada. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Day Five

Last night Tova and I didn't sleep well. I am not sure why she was stirring so much, perhaps because this room gets too hot. I do have to open the window during the night to cool the room down - outside is something like 1 degree. I didn't sleep because I was so worried about Tova getting sick and what I would do if she does get sick and everything else that goes with that.. It was making me crazy.

Yep, the day was very similar. Tova was woken up by Yuval on Skype. That seems to make a great start to her day and end to his.

Tova went to class at 8.30, I went to the shops with the dads, while some of the other mums did 'Insanity' (Like body attack but harder). I got baby panadol, electrolytes and looked around for soy yogurt. Soy yogurt doens't exist here. Poor T, it is her favorite. I also went to the local cheese factory and got some Maple Cheese, it is good. And some real maple syrup to take home.

At 11.30 all the parents went in to talk to the therapists about the kiddies individual progress and programs. I was quite taken aback by the very strange fact that first of all there was a therapist sick at work, and that therapist was the one working with Tova. I couldn't concentrate on anything she was saying to me, all I was thinking was how strange it was that I didn't want to offend her by telling her not to work with Tova while she was sick, and how stupid it is that I am worried about offending her when quite possibly she could get Tova sick and in hospital.. So, I really can't say much about what the therapist was telling me. I was in shock.

So, I have talked to the owner and asked him to politely ensure that Tova isn't ever working with someone sick. Not sure why they were at work to begin with. There is actually a policy here that when the kids are sick they aren't to attend class, so why do the therapists? Very strange. I am on edge. I'm not angry or upset with anyone, I know the world doesn't' revolve around us, but I am scared.

There aren't classes over the weekend, but there are 2 Hyper sessions a day. Not fun. I actually fell asleep for 30 seconds in there today, woken by Tova scratching my face with her long nails.. thanks for that. The kids get bored in there too, it is hard to entertain them for the entire time. I read Tova a few books, we lay down and looked at the light on the ceiling and we glanced at the movie playing.


didn't sleep well
We didn't sleep well

Day Four

Same same today. The only real difference being that I jogged to the lake and back. Nice and cold out there even though the sky is blue and the sun is shinning.

The lake is massive, it looks like an ocean.

I didn't meet any bears, raccoons nor coyotes.

Tova had a good day, I think. She was happy when I went in to give her lunch and happy to come into the 02 chamber. We are all pretty over being in there. I am starting to feel claustrophobic at times in there. That isn't a nice feeling.

We aren't lonly. We are very busy. The days go very fast. There are always people are ound to talk to, of all ages and descriptions.

Today one of the adults had a big cake to celebrate life as it was today 3 years ago that she had the accident that gave her a brain injury. She is gorgeous and funny. It really is a nice bunch of people here.

Tova is actually tired by the end of the day, which is unusual for her, even after school days she isn't this tired. They must work her hard.

Tomorrow after Hyper, if it is a nice day I will take Tova for a walk. She didn't go outside today. There simply isn't enough time in the day.

jogging to the lake