Day Twenty-Nine

The last week!!!!

Things I am looking forward to the most are being able to go to the shops, not depending on others, having personal space, doing laundry every day, cleanliness, easy to use kitchen, the boys!

Tova woke up really sad this morning. She was in a deep sleep so I asked Yuval on Skype to wake her up. She was so fast asleep. I patted her to wake her a bit and after a few minutes she just cried and cried. So unusual. Yuval and I were worried. Poor tinky. Well anyway, it seems that it was just a waking up from a deep sleep thing as after about 10 minutes she was laughing at Yuval and ready to go have breakfast.

Off to class today. Today is the last proper day of class. Tomorrow the parents are in the room all day and Wednesday I think each child and parents go in the room separately for some amount of time. There are also two hyperbaric sessions that day. Thursday is graduation. Friday they have a short day, but actually we are all leaving on Thursday. So the staff will get a long weekend before the next group start. I assume there are people starting next week. Not sure.

Body attack again this morning. It feels great to at least move once a day. No more outside for me nor walking/jogging to that lake. Too boring. Too many flies. It was so fascinating for the first couple of weeks. Now not so much.

Day Twenty-Seven

We did our first Hyerbaric session this morning at 9am. Then Tova and I went to our room. I did BodyAttack and she watched the wiggles. I was jumping around next to her for 55 mins and I think she only looked at me out of the corner of her eye twice. She a good girl. She watched the wiggles standing leaning on her bed. She has been doing quite a bit of that standing leaning stuff.

Lunch and then the next hyperbaric session.
Boring and frustrating. If only I could have the ipad or Tova's shows on every time, it would go so fast. No one likes it in there.

After that session I gave Tova a muffin.. since we have so many.

The we went to the therapy room to have a practice with the canes. Tova is so difficult. She just won't do it. She does the pretend fall thing laughing and lays on the ground saying no.. Very frustrating. Even bribing with singing didn't help. I remained patient and eventually got her to take a few steps. I have never seen her so stubborn, it is great but frustrating.

This afternoon I offered to take her out the back to the playground. She cried and said no every time. Eventually I took her anyway. we were out there for about 15 mins then back inside. Tova was pretty much a sad sack for the rest of the evening. Even not wanting to talk on skype ot the boys.

I just hope so much that she isn't getting sick.. well I don't mind if she gets a little bit sick, but not hospital sick. Not sure that I would cope.

She took ages to go to sleep, it was about 9pm when she finally fell asleep. Her breathing seems fine.. I am a bit scared.. hopefully for nothing.

One week to go! I have another week to eat and eat and eat.. which is all I am doing here at the moment. Good thing I don't have car or I would be at the junk food store every day..

So.. here is hoping for a very boring night and rest of our stay here in Canada..

Day Twenty-Six

$6 for 6 muffins and a coffee.. madness.. great madness... What is that at home? About $20!!!

what $6 can get you in canada
$6 goes much further in Canada

Day Twenty-Five

One week to go. It has gone way too quickly.

So, I just had the individual session with Tova in the class room today. I was expecting more of the same big fail and cheekyness. Even though the therapists assure me that they have seen Tova walk a few steps independently with the canes.. I have never really 'believed' them.

WELL! oh my goodness, I mean seriously, what the f### just happened? Tova the incredible! I can not believe my eyes, she took about 4 very wobbly but completely independent (meaning without an adult holding the stick nor holding her) STEPS using the CANES! UnflippingReal!

We have always known she would do it 'ONE DAY', but it just goes to show that practice, practice, practice and tada!!! She is absolutely terrible at it and can't be left alone with the canes as she will just fall.. But I can see it won't be long, with lots of practice, she will be walking with canes and not the walking frame in not time! THEN walking with NOTHING! Tova is amazing.

She looks so pretty today, she has Yuval's eyes and they are sparkling.

Maybe I will make her cake as a reward (or punishment as there is only white peroxide flour here and I have no way to get to the store to buy real flour).

Day Twenty-Four

Tova had her quick Chiropractor session today. She is such a good girl. She loves watching the other kids get their chiro stuff done too, she laughs and points and basically just acts delighted.

Today went super fast again. I did body attack in the morning. There is only just enough space in my room for it. It is fun.

While Tova was in her session I worked and watched the squirrels outside my window, they are so tiny and cute, not to mention fast. After hyperbarics Tova asked to ride the bike through the building and outside where she watched the squirrels too. I love that she loves animals.

Tova was a bit sad when she woke up, until she skyped aba (Dad/Yuval), that made her happy.

She isn't impressed that I'm not letting her crawl nor be carried anywhere. She complains about it but I try and make walking in the frame fun for her by telling her to run and how great she is.. She likes that stuff.

The chamber was long and boring today.. not really terribly different to any other day. Tova loves the owner Kevin and talks to him etc.. cute..

There was a thunder storm this morning that was beautiful. I have never heard thunder like that before, there was no break, it was continuous. Lovely to be next to Lake Ontario in the middle of nowhere listening to the storm pass by. Once it passed the sun came out and the day was actually really warm.

Tomorrow I have my individual session with Tova again at 11.30am. I wonder how much she will play up for me this time..

Storm near lake ontario
Picton Storm