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Croup.. but no hospital

Tova woke up at 6am ish on Sunday morning breathing horribly. So we gave her pred.

As usual Pred makes her look like a vampire. She was happy enough, but a little bit flat.. So we canceled our fun events for the day and spent the day looking after ourselves. 

I like to keep her close to me when she gets croup so I can listen to her breathing. She was breathing wasn't great, but not hospital worthy.

She woke this morning breathing fine, after sleeping very well last night.

It is great to see that things are hopefully finally changing regarding the croup.

I have been sick for about 3 weeks. I usually get this cough and feeling crap in August, maybe that is why I have babies born so early in August?

In other news, Nissim and 5 of his school friends had a joint birthday party. They decided that instead of presents, they would like people to donate some money to Jewish Care Children Respite House. They raised over $1200. I'm so proud & Jewish Care are so grateful! They are such good kids. 

No-Tube Weaning
All the kids are 6