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Day 1 - Future Footprints

We left early just in case. There is no need. We are CLOSE! 

The moment we arrived someone greeted us and showed us the way in. Future Footprints - the people doing the Conductive Ed program, have just moved to a new building, there is no obvious signage. We were greeted by the most lovely husband (covered in paint) of the owner/organiser. He helped me with all Tova's stuff.

Once in Tova looked around quietly, not clinging to me, which was nice. She was curious but cautious. However a few moments later she was whisked away and didn't look back. She felt comfortable from the word go. Lately Tova has been a bit clingy and sooky at new places. But not here. I think she really liked seeing the other kids and also the staff are lovely. Everyone was lovely to her. She did a puzzle and got comfortable.

I asked what was expected of me and pretty much told that I can leave (or stay if I want), I left after a quick intro in to Tova and her eating etc. 

I went food shopping. 

And then Internet Shopping. 

We now have food and internet (but now no money). 

I love this hotel! It is so big and bright and clean. It is a bit lonely, not like Canada where we all lived in the same building. 

I met a mum today, she seems very nice. Local. I told her about Lively Eaters. 

My boys are on my mind. It would be nice to have them around. They are visiting in a week or so. 

Tova had a great day. I hope she has a great day tomorrow.

When I picked her up today she was so beautiful that I almost cried. I had to fight back tears. I think because she was so happy and we came such a long way and it is a success from the word go! 

We shall see what the weeks bring. I have a good feeling, why not!

Tomorrow I start work as we are now all set up. 

Tova has been playing musical beds, tonight she and her fav toy 'Baby' are in the single bed. I think I will push the double up against the single and have one massive bed. 

It is cute to find her in a different bed each night. 

I'm feeling a little horrible, I have pretty much lived off junk food for the last few days and haven't been to the gym for too long. Maybe tomorrow I will jump around to the body attack video I have (given to me by someone very kind). Or perhaps I will just keep eating! Only tomorrow knows. Nighty night. 

Tova watching Tv in our hotel room after her first day of Conductive Ed Adelaide


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