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Day 10 - Future Footprints

The boys are here!

Tova is back at therapy.

The day was an improvement for sure!

And yes, even though I promised myself that there would be no way at all that I would cry when the boys arrived, I had no control. Bloody hell. How embarrassing. Nissim must think I am nuts. 

Tova didn't eat much today. It is 46 degrees, so that could be a contributing factor. I kinda wish it would stop me eating a little.

I love seeing the boys. Nissim is such a dude and Yuval is wonderful.. 

There is someone for me to talk to now, the hotel manager will be please about that as I bug her a bit with my words about things. :-)

We took the kids to the beach after therapy today. Tova loved it. Nissim loved it. I loved it. Yuval loved it!

My boys are in that plane. Arriving in Adelaide on a hot 46 degree summers day

My sleeping babies hot adelaide night
Little babies sleeping on a hot night
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