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Day 15 - Future Footprints

I woke up this morning still feeling sick so made the decision that I should take ME to the doctor today. I took some voltaran (MAGIC stuff) and got Tova ready. She looked so beautiful today in her new top/dress that Aba got her yesterday. 

I dropped her off and went to the medical centre where I had taken Tova the other day. I waited for about an hour (which is less time than when I was waiting for Tova) and got given some antibiotics and eye drops. My eyes are on fire. He says probably from the public pool or beach.. great.. My vote is the revolting public pool. I hate public pools and avoid them usually. 

Tova had a good day at her therapy. They said that she was very cheeky today. As if now she is completely at home there and ready to show them her true personality. I imagine she was doing mostly the opposite of what they were asking her to do and laughing. She is so funny. 

I am loving the cool 28-30 degree days now. Glad the 40+ days are over. It is hard to do anything in such heat. 

It isn't as bad today without the boys. Last night was horrible. Today kinda just went back to normal. I'm comfort eating too, which is fun!

Tova is eating back to normal, which means, she is eating heaps happily. She is on day 7 of her antibiotics. Only 3 more to go. She is 100% recovered now. Thank god.

Only 4 more days of this amazing program left for Tova. I'm so looking forward to coming back to do it again, and again, and again as much as Tova needs. 

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