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Day 16 - Future Footprints


I'm on edge a bit. Worried that Tova will get sick in the last days. She was very drooly today apparently. Last week when that happened she ended up being all sick and having to stay home for 4 days. 

My eyes are still from hell. If I wake up crap tomorrow I am going back to the DR. They joys.

I am so glad this didn't happen in Canada.

Well, apparently she was cheeky again today. They again said she is now 100% comfortable with them, so she is now testing the boundaries, which is GREAT.

She is so excited when I pick her up it makes everyone happy, she almost jumps out of her skin! Then in the morning the first thing she asks me is "School?" (Auslan), and shakes her head. But when we get there she is happy to be there. 

Nissim got his school uniform today with Savta and Aba. How cute. He is swimming in it apparently, as is Tova in hers. The uniforms always look so massive on these little people. Two school children starting next week. Craaazy!

I hope Tova and I wake up in the morning fit, healthy and happy! please! please! Please!

No photos as I can't really go anywhere looking the way I do. I did take some photos of my eyes, but I can't bring myself to post them for public viewing - even though only 3  people read this! haha. mum, dad and me! kidding..

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