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Day 17 - Future Footprints

Tova slept quietly the entire night. Thank goodness.

I woke up with one eye all crusty! NICE.. However, they aren't hurting as much... HOWEVER, they aren't great. A very clever friend suggested going to the eye dr, so I have an appointment with one tomorrow morning. (Thanks K).

I haven't taken panadol at all today, so it must mean I am getting better.

But I haven't really moved at all for 3 weeks. I wonder how unfit and chubby I am now.. great.... Oh well.. It has been a break, perhaps not the best break, but nice to be lazy for a while. I just hope my gym clothes fit me when I get back. I may have to hide in the back dark corner of the room for the first few weeks..

On a more interesting note:

I was telling Tova that we are going to Melbourne in about 2 or 3 days and she signed Aba and Nissim! Omg, she is so focused these days.

The Conductor showed me a video of Tova from today. They have mentioned to me that they noticed Tova doesn't play independently very much and gets adults to do things for her and play with her or she will pretty much do nothing. The said that it must be very hard for me and Yuval.. "Yep, you hit the nail in it's head" I said...

So the video they showed me was of tova, not one adult near her, and her playing with two hands stacking shapes on a stick, and other stuff with the shapes like putting them in one bowl then another.. by her self! OUTSTANDING! We would love Tova to play by herself. Nissim is very good at it... most children are. But not Tova, she kinda shuts down if no one is interacting with her. We use the TV to help with this, but try to limit it.

Ok.. here is to an easy night..

No hospital before we leave!

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