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Day 2 - Future Footprints

Tova was a bit hesitant about going to class today. But happy enough. I told her I was going and she made sure that I told her I was  coming back to get her. I think some times she is worried that she will have to stay places for ever! 

I chatted to some dads who were dropping off kids on the way to work and then went on my way back to the hotel to work too. I wish I had stopped at a gym, but nope, I sat for the entire day working.

Tomorrow morning I am either going to a gym or doing the Attack on the usb. 

When I picked Tova up I chatted with the other mums, they all seem lovely. Their kids are so cute. All the kids seem around the same age ish. 

I think Tova had a good day. Her face lights up so much when she sees me. It is the happiest face I have ever seen!

I drove to pick Tova up with no GPS and the same on the way home. I feel like a local, as long as I stay on the three roads I know. 

Katrina and Jack visited Tova and I this evening. Katrina is my biological Sister, which makes Jack my nephew. He is remarkable, I'm pretty proud to call him my nephew! Tova's cousin! It was great to catch up with them (and their friend also named Jack). Tova was watching the sound of music and made it quite clear that she didn't want to be disturbed by anyone. hehe.

Jack is keen to catch up with Nissim and Yuval when they are here too. 

Adelaide has a nice feel to it. 

Tomorrow we do it all again. 

I am very impressed with Future Footprints, I highly recommend it. They run programs all through out the year, not  only intensive programs like this one.

After dinner I gave Tova a bath, read her books (in one of the single beds pushed together), went out of the room to let her fall asleep. I did tell her to stay in the single bed that is pushed up against the wall so that she doesn't fall out. She nodded. I went back in later to find her in the double bed with baby, baby all tucked in next to her. She is so cute. I am pretty sure she does this for my amusement because I talk about it to her in the morning when we wake up. She laughs. 

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