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Day 3 - Future Footprints

We arrived early to Future Footprints today. I give myself time to get caught up in peak hour traffic. Well, it is a different concept here in Adelaide. Peak hour in Melbourne is horrible, here not so much.

Something I have noticed about Adelaide (the 3 streets of it I have seen), there are heaps of Vets! An unusual amount. I love a city that loves animals so much!

Apparently Tova had a good day today. She was so excited to see me when I picked her up. I love it!

It is nice to talk to the other parents while waiting for the kids to get out of class. Everyone knows so much useful info.

This morning I found a gym that had a BodyAttack class so, I asked for a free pass, got one and did the class. It was only half an hour, but that is ok, they chopped out the tracks that I find 'boring' anyway.

After I got Tova we drove down the road to the beach. Glenalg (sp?). It is out of this world. What a massive beach and a crazy indoor lunapark/water world place that has a ferris wheel out the front.

Tova wants so much to go on the wheel. She cried when I said no. Not sure why I said no, but I didn't feel like it. Perhaps on the weekend. She was unimpressed!

She did make me walk to the water and take our shoes off so we could walk in the water. She wants to go swimming. I think the weekend will be hot, so maybe then.

The boys arrive in a week!!!!

Tova has not played musical beds this evening. I think she is tired.

I love this apartment, it has such a good feel to it. We are happy!

Tova seems heaps more focused in only the past few days. This therapy is very impressive. I am a very big fan of Conductive Education!

The staff at Future Footprints are still outstanding! I love how they treat Tova. I'm not sure where they get all their energy from to do what they do all day, but they are all happy and inspiring when I get Tova at the end of the day. 

Tova at the beach in Adelaide after day 3 of Conductive Ed


Tova and I with our feet in the water at the beach in Adelaide 


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