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Day 3 - Future Footprints 2015

Tova and I are on Adelaide time now, yeh, it’s only half an hour difference, but that can mean the world at midnight and 6am. We are in sync now.

Tova was very happy to go to ‘Adelaide School’ this morning. It’s so great that she loves it so much. It was a very hot and very beautiful morning. I went for a swim and what not. It’s such a nice life. I did loads of work today too. I got some internet sorted out than goodness.

When I picked Tova up the Thunder started. Tova luckily didn’t want to go to the beach. I think she is tired. She wanted to watch ‘Home Alone’, so she did. Yuval express posted me my dongle and the prescription for Pred as I had forgotten to bring Pred with me, so Tova and I went to the chemist after her movie, it started to bucket down, I’m glad Tova asked to drive rather than walk, because even though the chemist is around the corner, we would have got soaked.

The lightening was impressive. Tova thought so too. And because we are on the beach the thunder roared so loud it shook the ground.

The bucket bath has saved my life, it’s so great. Tova is in bed now. I can hear her playing, not sleeping.. it’s almost 9pm.. Maybe bedtime needs to change these days.. Both kids don’t seem to go to sleep at 7.30 anymore.. Hmmmm. Might have to talk to friends with kids the same age and ask around what bed time is these days.

We do it all again tomorrow. I hope it stops raining, We want to play! Especially on the weekend. There is a great park across the road. I guess if it rains it’s a good excuse to go to the movies or a shopping centre.

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