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Day 4 - Future Footprints

It is starting to feel like summer! 

There are pigeons outside our room that have just had babies, which is very cute. The babies are mostly quite all day but then they get hungry and ask their parents for food. And then, wow when the parents do come home with food - the babies let the world know how excited they are. 

This morning Tova woke up with slightly noisy breathing, but nothing that really worried me. It of course made me hope to heck that it does’t turn into anything worse. 

I took her to Future Footprints, she was happy to show me all the things she likes to play with, but VERY unhappy when I said I had to go. She cried and broke my heart into a billion pieces. 

I was assured that for the rest of the day she is not sad like that. 

The people that work there, and run that place are lovely. Lovely like the Graz team - genuine. I felt better for hearing that she doesn’t cry all day (which of course I know, but it is nice to hear). 

I went and got us some supplies for the weekend as who knows what shops are actually open in this big little town. 

When I picked Tova up she was walking using canes (and a human helping her). They put weights on the canes to help stabilise them. Good idea. 

While waiting for Tova to come out of the class room I was chatting to some other parents. Some of their stories are just so unbelievable. The horrible things these kiddies have had to go through already in life, just to be alive is amazing. 

Tova was over the moon to see me. Nice!

I was listening to her breathing in the car and when we got home. Not perfect. Not great. 

As I have no idea where I am or where anything is I rang the ‘home visiting doctor’. They came out here a few hours later and gave me a bottle of Pred! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have to schlep Tova out and try and find a late night chemist. I had to fight back tears. Thank you Dr Hans. 

So now I have that if Tova needs it. I hope not. 

If Tova does need it hopefully it will be enough to avoid going to hospital and having Adrenaline or anything worse!

I’m pretty over this. It would be nice to just relax each night and not have to worry all night about calling 000 and everything that goes with that. 

Here is hoping for a VERY boring night and another day of therapy tomorrow, followed by a weekend at the beach with my lovely Tova. 

Tova is ready for the weekend. She likes her days of therapy, but keeps asking for TV and a bit of a break! Fair enough.

I have noticed a few changes in Tova. Little things that are huge for us! For example: This morning I was getting ready, so I had the TV on for Tova on ABC for Kids. Giggle and Hoot asked the kids watching to roar like some character they were talking about or to.. and Tova did! It was great!

Driving home today Tova noticed an unusual building and pointed at it asking me to tell her what it was and talk about it. Also very cool!

The bed shuffling is also very interesting as she takes baby with her. 

These little behaviours are new and great!

The physical side. Well she refuses to let me pick her up. She wants to walk EVERYWHERE!

We miss our boys! 6 more days and they will be here!

I did the body attack in my room today. It was fun! I warned the hotel manager that I would be jumping around and if the people in the room below me had a problem to let me know. She laughed. 

This hotel is OLD, so the floors and walls are double brick and built well, I don't think anyone heard anything. It is a great room. 

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