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Day 6 - Future Footprints

Tova is sick. Last night was hard. She was breathing badly and restless all night. I gave her Panadol at various stages. She slept in, but once she was up we went to the chemist spent a million dollars on Ventolin and went to the doctor. There was one next door to the chemist, so I went in. There was simply only the receptionist in the waiting area. Not one single person waiting, yet, she wouldn't let Tova see the doctor without an appointment, and I could only get one NEXT WEEK! ummmm. Nice work lady!

I seriously want to avoid going to hospital. We drove down the road to a medical centre, waited close to 2 hours and eventually spoke to a doctor. 

I'm not convinced about his approach, but Tova is sick in a different way to usual, so I don't know what to do.

She has a fever. I don't know her temp because I don't have a thermometer and neither did the doctor.. (wtf). 

But she is HOT! So hot to touch. She also keeps telling me she is cold and has goose bumps.. gawd. 

The doctor gave me antibiotics. So I will give her that because I am scared. I am also giving her ventolin because she doesn't' seem croupy (no stridor) but she possibly sounds wheezy. 

She has spent much of this afternoon in bed laying down with the ipad. She asked for a bath and then went to bed and fell asleep. There hasn't been much eating today. I think she ate a few bits of banana and almost half an avocado. So unusual for my massive eating T.

Katrina, husband and daughters visited today. It was really nice to meet the girls and hubby. They all seem lovely. I finally can see a small resemblance in one of the daughters to my other sister when she was at a similar age. 

It is quite exciting and bizarre to know them all now. I am happy about knowing them. 

I hope Tova gets better quickly. 

I hope we don’t have to go to hospital. 

I wonder how she got sick. I feel crappy for not protecting her from getting sick. We were supposed to be at the beach having too much fun today. I was going to upload heaps of summer images of us playing in the water and building sandcastles and on the ferris wheel. 

This is not how I imagined our first beautiful weekend of summer at all! 

Poor Tova, she is really sick, really hot and really flat. She is totally lethargic.  

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