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Day 8 - Future Footprints

So the tour of Australian Hospitals continues.

Tova had a very restless night filled with pred, ventolin, neurophen and a cool wet face washer to cool her down. Great... 

When we woke up she was hot and shivering.. Great...

I drugged her up some more and took her to the Children's hospital. I needed to talk to a paediatrician not some random GP. 

After confirming with a family that were getting into their car that they were leaving, I waited for their parking spot. They drove out and a car sped out of the car park next to me and took the spot.. It was unbelievable. I was shaking from shock. He totally knew, there is no way he couldn't, people in the park were shaking their heads. Security came out to see why I was beeping, I shouted at him to rot in hell and then I found a better spot! He was such a jerk "I was here first" he said.. hahahhaha, there was no car on the road but mine. It was a quite side street.. whatever. boring. 

So, we got to emergency spoke to someone right away, talked to a nurse right a way and then were whisked away by a doctor right away. And talked to by him right away! For ages! He had all the time in the world for us. It was outstanding! Brilliant. 

I know Tova looked reasonable. I know her fever had gone from the panadol, I know that her breathing was ok from the breathing drugs, I know I looked like a crazy person. They didn't' mind. I know they don't mind. My biggest hope was that they tell me to go home and not to worry. But he looked at every inch of Tova, even her skin to see if she had any rash, or insect bite.. or anything in the world. He looked in her ears 'A bit red'. He listened to her chest and did everything doctory. ... 

He then said that he wanted to look in her mouth. I said he was about to be very unpopular. So I told him to sing and she would be a little more willing. He sang Chim chim from Mary Poppins.. haha. So funny. So wonderful. Tova 'let him' look in her mouth. That was the AHAAA moment. He found it, he found what was wrong.. Her tonsils have puss (GROSS). I almost cried, actually I had one tear fall down my cheek, from relief of finding the cause. It can be treated now. I knew it was strange she had a fever, I knew it was strange that she wasn't eating. Such relief and such sad too. I feel so bad for her. I should have taken her there on Friday. Who cares if they think I am a crazy person. 

So today she has stayed home all day. Most of the morning was in the ER, the rest she went to bed with the ipad. Now TV to shake it up a bit. I would like her to eat something, but she doesn't want to. 

I have never been in a hospital that is just for kids. It was very nice, very kids... Monash isn't like that. 

It is so hot outside. It would be nice to be at the beach, but we are inside keeping cool. 

So much for getting work done. Tomorrow perhaps?

The boys arrive in two sleeps. They will get here and Tova will be 100% like nothing happened. Typical, be perfect for the daddy! :-) I am very excited about them coming here. We are going to have FUN! As if we were on a holiday (where I have to work to make up the days I just lost)!

Future Footprints is such good therapy for Tova, I hope Tova doesn't have to miss anymore days! It is such a shame. 


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