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Day 9 - Future Footprints

Little Tova went to sleep so quickly last night and stayed that way with only a few wake ups during the night (that were quite short lived). She then slept until MID DAY! 

I think she slept the remainder of the sickness off. She is good to go today. 

It is 42 degrees today, so we didn't do much. At one stage in the early evening we went for a walk, but I was worried I would boil her, so we went home. 

THE BOYS ARRIVE TOMORROW MORNING! I am so excited. Tova is also excited and knows that once she does her day at Future Footprints there will be an Aba and a Nissim here! woohoo!

So, I will set my alarm and take this young lady back to her conductive ed therapy! OMG this has been quite frustrating. 

I'm not sure what to do with the boys tomorrow as it will be 42 again. Perhaps right to the beach quickly. Or perhaps we will go to the beach with Tova after therapy.. OR BOTH!

Tova didn't eat too well today, but MUCH better than her pickings yesterday. 

Not much else to say. 

It is hot, I love it. Tova is getting better, I love it. 

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