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Days 1 & 2 of Future Footprints 2015

Internet has been a bit tricky. But it's mostly sorted now.. hopefully. And if not, Yuval has express posted me my dongle.

Our hotel and the people that run it are amazing. We are so happy here. It's newly renovated, bright, white and on the beach

Our first night here was a bit noisy, listening to the people (mostly kids crying and so forth) in the other apartments. But perhaps I’ll get used to it. Or go buy ear plugs.. I may even go join Tova in her room as it seem to be a bit quieter. Tova slept well. She stayed in her bed all night and was asleep when I got up.

I dropped her off at the therapy and she was at home right away. She remembers the pace and the people. I didn’t stick around for long. I then went to find a fruit and veg shop, but remembered that they don’t really exist here. So off to the supermarket I went.

I decided that the supermarket in the Adelaide DFO would do just nicely.. I went to about 6 shops, got bored, supermarket shopped, got even border and went back to the apartment.

My day was mostly wasted trying to sort out the internet. I gave up getting any work done.. Sorry clients!

I picked Tova up (Tova’s friend from school is here too, in the apartment next to ours, and is also doing future footprints, so we drove in together). Tova was very happy to see me. She is such a little light.

I had set up our bathers earlier in the day so that the second we got home, we got changed and went to the beach. It was great fun. Then home, dinner, books, bed etc.

Day two has been some what the same. But this morning I did a body attack class, swam at the beach and then tried to fix the net. Gave up on doing work for the day. Again, sorry clients. It’s out of my control.

Tova and I went swimming again after her ‘school’. It’s quite the life here!

I hope to have the net all sorted 100% tomorrow so I feel like I will settle in and start a routine. I’ll also find out what Tova is up to all day. She is probably going to be more settled by the end of tomorrow’s session.

There is no bath here, and that’s quite back breaking with a Tova, so I went to Masters today and got a VERY large bucket. It’s Tova size. She used it as her bath tonight. Cute.

Bucket shower bath to save my back. It's great.
Day 3 - Future Footprints 2015
Kaniva - Adelaide