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Kaniva - Adelaide

We slept with the air con on because there was quite a lot of smoke in the air. Tova played musical beds for hours before passing out. I lost my calm a few times, which she LOVES for some reason. It makes her laugh when people shout at her "STOP IT" and so on.. Which only made me want to kill her more.

Eventually she did fall asleep, next to me in my bed. (there were three beds in our room). We woke at 7am ish. We were ready to leave by 9ish. Yep, it takes us that long to get ready. We obviously weren't in any hurry.

We drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove, with quite a few stops here and there. No rain, no smoke and no wind. It was easy. It was a long drive but eventually we arrived at Adelaide just before 2pm.

Where we are staying is very, very similar to Brighton beach. Beach one side and our apartment the other side of a busy enough road. NOT BAD!!! The apartment has just been renovated and looks absolutely brand new. It’s lovely.

Once we unpacked we went to the supermarket and got a few things for dinner. Not much is open on a Sunday in Adelaide.
After dinner Tova and I went to the beach across the road. She was delighted. We put our feet in the water and let the waves crash on us. It was so much fun

Summer time in Adelaide. We love the beach
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